The campaigns and battles of the 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Overall campaign map 10th RDF

Founded in early 1916 and stationed in Dublin during the Easter Rising. They fought on the Somme in Nov 1916, were part of the attacks at Gavrelle and Cambrai in 1917. And were finally disbanded in France in May 1918 following the decimation of many battalions during the retreat during the Kaiser's Battle near Amiens

1916 April - Easter Rising They were traning in the Royal barracks when firing was heard. Two groups of RDF men were sent to go to Dublin Castle. And they ran into the trap that had been set. A small group of men under Heuston occupied the Mendicity Institute in order to control the way British troops could deploy from the Royal (now Collins) Barracks

1916 November -Battle of the Ancre The went to France in August 1916, and took part in the Battle of the Ancre, where they suffered 50% casualties (dead, wounded, missing)

1917 April - Attack at Gavrelle

1917 November - Tunnel Trench attack at Cambrai

1918 March - Kaisers battle, the retreat near Amiens. At this stage they had been virtually disbanded, and half the battalion was fighting as part of 19th Entrenching Battalion

In May 1918, 19th Entrenching was itself disbanded, and all men were distributed to other battalions in whatever regiment they might be needed.

10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers