The Kaiser's Battle - March 1918

The Germans had withdrawn to the Hindenberg Line in Feb 1917, and the British had constructed defensive positions opposite the Hindenberg Line. The 1st and 2nd Dublins, plus the 10th Dublins remnents in 19th Entranching Battalion and 8/9 Dublins in 20th Entrenching Battalion were north on St Quentin

Hindenberg Line in March 1918

The Dublins were in the sector north of St Quentin The 1st and 2nd Battalions were holding a section of the line near the village of Epehy. The 10 Dublins were a part of 19th Entrenching Battalion, making up about half the manpower of this entrenching battalion

Dublin Fusiliers at Cambrai 1918

The map below shows the movements of 19th Entrenching, but further information is hard to find.

Retreat of Dublin Fusiliers


Royal Dublin Fusiliers