Service Numbers 11000s - Deserters from Royal Dublin Fusiliers

A reading of MIC cards from 11,000 to 11,999 yields the following information

Burranger RDF deserter 11023 Private William Burranger "deserted"
Byrne Deserter 11343 Private Thomas Byrne forfeited medals for "desertion on 27 May 1916".
Colgan deserter

11772 Private James Colgan "deserted"

Conway deserter rdf 11843 Private John Conway "deserted 21 December 1916"
Daly deserter rdf 11595 Private Peter Daly "deserted"
doyle deserter dublin fusiliers

11879 Private Martin Doyle, Medal card gives entered Balkans 9 Aug 1915, Deserted , then crossed out. Medals were restored, but he did not get war gratuity.

Doyle Deserter reverse of card
dunne royal dublin fusiliers deserter

11673 Private Patrick Dunne "desertion on 20 Oct 1917"

dunne deserted 11655 Private Albert Dunne Deserted from RGA, but reinstated
Gorman deserted 11442 Private Michael Gorman "deserted". The army appear to believe that these two cards are the same man - Gormn & Sullivan
Gorman deserter reverse
Kearns deserter rdf 11568 Private James Kearns, Medal Card gives deserted 13 Jan 1916. medals forfeited
McGrath deserted dublin fusiliers 11579 Private Thomas McGrath, Medal Card gives deserted 4 Feb 1916 He must have returned as he has a post 1920 service number as well as his old on - 7077180
reverse card for mcGrath
Moloney deserted MIC 11755 Private Henry Moloney, Medal card gives deserted 23 Oct 1917, and adds that subsequently served in RA as Charles Henry Moloney
Molonony spelling
mullhall RDF deserter Medal Card gives medals forfeited, "deserter 25 May 1915"
Murphy MIC 11616 Private Edward Murphy card shows "deserted 22 Sep 1916" but then crossed out
Neill 11742 Private Patrick Neill, Medal Card gives Deserted 14 Jun 1915
Nolan 11758 Private John Nolan card gives "deserted 19 Aug 1915" having entered France 2 June 1915
Nolan 2 11758 Private John Nolan, Medal card gives deserted 19 Aug 1915 - entered France 2 Jun 1915
O'Brien deserter 11771 Private Francis O'Brien, Medal card gives transfer to R Ir Fus. Entered France 4 Dec 14. Desertion crossed out
O'Neill 11895 Private Samuel O'Neill, Medal card gives entered Balkans 7 Aug 1915, deserted 11 Jul 1916
Roche Roche's Medal Card showed that he deserted and did not get medals. Mooney, J. Forfeited Medals on card. I assume POW and Casement. Same man presumably as Patrick Roche with same service number.
Mooney Mooney reverse
Ross RDF 11891 Private William Ross, Medal card gives entered Balkans 7 Aug 1915, deserted 23 Aug 1915, forfeited medals. Cpl cut down to private
shortall 11690 Private Michael Shortall, Medal Card gives forfeited for desertion 3 Nov 1917
Smith deserted dublin fusiliers 11658 Private Peter Smith, Medal Card gives deserted 23 Oct 1917
Tobin Dublin Fusiliers 11562 Private John Tobin, Medal Card gives "Deserted"
Vance deserter 11760 Private Edward Vance, Medal card gives deserted 1 Oct 1918. Entered France 26 Dec 1914
11908 Private J Mullen and John Wynne (2 cards same number, both say deserter) , Medal card gives entered Balkans 7 Aug 1915. Forfeit Deserter 7 Oct 1917

Royal Dublin Fusiliers all deserters