Service Numbers 11000s - Forfeited Medals from Royal Dublin Fusiliers

An reading of MIC cards from 11,000 to 11,999 yields the following information

Evans medal forfeiture 11678 Richard Evans - forfeited medals
Evans forfeited medals
Kelly forfeited medals 11872 Private James Kelly - forfeits medals
Kelly medal card reverse
Kelly medal forfrit 11934 Private Thomas Kelly - forfeits medals but later restored
Kelly Thomas medal card
Lawrence medals forfeited 11168 Private Patrick Lawrence - forfeits medals
Patrick Lawrence dublin fusiliers
uinn MIC forfeit 11876 Private Robert Quinn - forfeits medals later restored
Quinn medal acrd reverse
Reilly dublin fusiliers forfeit 11646 Private John Reilly - forfeits medals
Reilly card reverse MIC


Royal Dublin Fusiliers all forfeiters