August 1916

1st August 1916, and the battalion are continuing musketry training at Kilbride Camp, near Dublin

Kilbride Camp, Dublin

The main body of the battalion then travels to Phoenix Park, Dublin on 3rd August, while an advance party of 2 officers and 50 men head off to Pirbright Camp in Surrey. The battalion folows 2 days later, and they get their official mobilisation orders in Pirbright on 6th August 1916 from Aldershot Command.

Map Aug movements 10/ RDF

By 18th August they have completed mobilisation, and leave for Havre at 3.30am. After a short rest camp at Havre, they join 190 Inantry Brigade, 63rd Royal Naval Division in the field at Maisnil-les-Ruitz where they arrived on 21st August.

On 24 August, within a few days of their arrival, the brigade is inspected by GOC 1st Army, And the following day they have their first casualy, a self inflicted wound (deliberately wounding yourself was a serious crime in the army durig wartime. In the British Army 3,894 men were found guilty of SIW during WW1 although none were executed those found guilt of the offence were sent to prison for lengthy periods.)

Training started in earnest on 29th August

Major L.M. Ormrod arrived and took over command of A company who underwent trench training with 13/KRR at Calonne. This company had 4 Other |Ranks killed and 1 wounded in these trenches.

Capt E.J.Hamilton i/c C company with 4 officers and 167 other ranks left for billets and attachment to Anson Battalion and they relieved trenches at Cite Calonne.

D company attached to 2/Royal Marine relieved trenches at Cite Calonne.

And at the end of the month the CO, Major E. StG. Smith promoted to the rank of Lt Col.

31 Aug Maisnil-les-Ruitz Casualties 4 other ranks killed and 1 wounded in action with A Company this included

August 1916 War Diary

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