S/7100. CPL John Mahon,was possibly injured in a Gas attack. From the post-card you can see a stamp with 'K G Lager Giessen' on it. I presume this indicates John was a prisoner in the camp there. Was the badge on his chest a POW ID number?

7105 Corporal Peter DOWDALL. 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Howth, Co. Dublin. Died 26th December 1915

7126 James McGuire joined the Dubs in 1900 and served 1901-1902 in South Africa with the 1st Bn and stayed with them serving in Malta and Egypt till 1908 when he went onto the Reserve list. He was recalled into the 2nd Bn and arrived in France in Sept 1914 where he stayed till he received a GSW to the head on 13/01/1915, after recovering he was sent to the 3rd training Bn and stayed there till he was released to work in the Iron Works and finally discharged in 1917 as unfit to serve. I'm interested in the 2nd Bn's time in France until Jimmy took the shot to the head, especially what they were doing 13/01/1915, incidentely he was declared as being KIA and carried his Death Cert the rest of his life along with the Silver plate in his head which covered the gap in his skull. I have Jimmy's WW1 medal Card as well as copies of his pension records, it looks like he doesnt have a Service History, on his medal card he's also listed as a Pte GS/140747 in the Royal Fusiliers, and in a book on Coatbridge Men who served in the Great War his number is given as 22747 in the Dubs.

7165 Private R Snedden, 2nd Battalion. from Airdrie Awarded MM in 1919.

7177 Corporal John BELL 2nd Battalion Husband of the late Ellen Bell and father of Private Jack Bell (41614 Cameronians), of 26, Corporation Street, later 20, Quinn's Cottages, Dunne St., Dublin. Resided Dublin. Died of wounds 5th September 1918 in Dublin age 48 buried Glasnevin Cemetery - Co. Dublin - Ireland. Special Reservist since 1908. Wounded 21st March 1915. Discharged as medically unfit 30th July 1915

7229 C. H. Coath requested some help from the RDF OCA in 1920 due to the problems he was having after being invalided out of the army they gave him £1-0-0 on the 10/06/1920. Cecil Harry coath joined the army 1900 aged 15 discharged 1920 medically unfit for service. then there was a dispute about eligibility for pension.

7275 DOYLE, Private, P, . 1st Battalion died 4th October 1917.

7295 Private James Murphy, Deserter, forfeited medals

7310 Private Thomas Burns Killed in Action Medal Card

7341 Corporal George DOUGLAS 2nd Battalion Born Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Husband of Mrs M. Douglas, of 23, Upper Clanbrassil St., Dublin. Killed in action 14th December 1914. Prowse Point Military Cemetery

7450, Sergeant Patrick ELMUR, 9th Battalion, b. Dublin, e. Dublin, Killed in action, France & Flanders, 09/09/16,

7730 Sgt Michael Horan 2nd Battalion Born 1872/3 -Sgt Quarter Master -Awarded 3 medals Star / Victory / War -Married to Mary with 4 children when he died -Noted on the 1911 census as unemployed living in Arran St East in Dublin (name and surname back to front on census) -Served in India before leaving the army to marry in 1902/3 -Enlisted for WW1 some time. Embarked May 2nd 1915, disembarked May 3rd 1915. died 10/05/1915 Menin Gate Memorial

7376 Acting Company Sergeant Major Martin COOMBES. 2nd Battalion. Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action 24th May 1915.

7415 Private Patrick ASPELL 2nd Battalion Born Dublin Husband of Bridget Aspell, of 8, Garden Lane, Francis St., Dublin Enlisted Dublin Killed in action 26th April 1915 Ypres (Menin Gate

7492 Corporal Bennett, Charles

7516 Private Peter BYRNE. 2nd Battalion Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 26th April 1915

7528, Private J Doyle 2nd Battalion Born Barnaculla, Dublin. Died of wounds 25/5/15. Sanctuary Wood Cemetery

7529 Lance Corporal Michael BOYNE 1st Battalion.Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Died of wounds 12th July 1915 Gallipoli

7600 DOYLE, Private PATRICK 9th Battalion died 15th May 1916. Age 22. Son of Patrick; husband of Catherine Dulelin (formerly Doyle), of 19 Summerhill, Dublin.

7604 Private Patrick BYRNE. 2nd Battalion. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 12th April 1915

7630 Sergeant Bernard CARPENTER 2nd Battalion Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin. Son of Patrick and Sarah Carpenter, of Dublin. Died of wounds 24th May 1915. Age 25. Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery

7644 Private John CORRIGAN. 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Son of Mr. J. Corrigan, of 7, Pender Court, Dorset St., Dublin. Died of wounds 26th April 1915. Age 24. Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery

7646 Private Patrick BERMINGHAM Born Dublin Son of Mylo Bermingham, of 6, Malpas St., Dublin Enlisted Dublin 2nd Battalion Killed in action 14th December 1914 Age 30 , Prowse Point Military Cemetery - Comines-Warneton, Hainaut - Belgium.

7666 CQMS William Molloy . POW on Medal card

7711 Private John BOYCE Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin Son of James and Annie Boyce, of 36, Aungier St., Dublin 2nd Battalion Killed in action 24th May 1915. Age 19. Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

7730 Sergeant Michael Horan . During the 1st world war he was sent to fight in Ypres in Belgium with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers and was killed in the second battle of Ypres on May 10 1915. Using the date he died we seem to think he managed to avoid being killed by the poison gas attack in Ypres and may have been killed in when a farmhouse was shelled by the Germans. It would appear that Michael Horan was KiA during the Battle of Frezenberg 8th-13th May 1915. Frezenberg is about 3 miles NE of Ypres. On the morning of the 10th the Germans did release gas but without any great success, the battalion took up positions in woods near Potijze Chateau, took part in the attack and reached Frezenberg but were driven back to Mouse Trap Farm. Embarked on the 2nd, disembarked on the 3rd and killed in action on the 10th

7733 Private Thomas CUNNINGHAM 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action. 25th April 1915

7734 Private Arthur Quinlan, 1st Battalion died 27/11/1915 Helles Memorial Gallipoli

7738 Lance Corporal Laurence BYRNE 2nd Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Husband of Margaret Byrne, of 17, Waterford St., Dublin. Killed in action 21st February 1915. Age 37. Prowse Point Military Cemetery

7761 Private William CARROLL. 2nd Battalion. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 20th April 1916.

7783 Private James CASSIDY 5th Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Died 7th November 1914 at Home

7812 Private John CUMMINS .1st Battalion. Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action 1st July 1916.

7823 Private Thomas BYRNE 2nd Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 25th April 1915

7837 Private John Forsythe 2nd Battalion died 26/4/1915 MENIN GATE MEMORIAL

7874 Private John Delaney, Medal Card

7890 Private Michael Webster. Medal card gives POW

7896 Private Joseph Stacey POW on Medal Card, later deserted

7922 Private Edward DOWMAN 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dublin Born Dublin Killed in action 25th April 1915

7928 William Green POW on Medal Card

7961 - Lance Corporal Timothy Turner. 128 Tunnard St. Grimsby

7966 L/Cpl Rowland Turner POW on Medal Card

7967 Private Luke Whelen - discharged

7968 Private R Alexander - discharged

7968 Private Michael Roche - class Z

7969 Private Peter Tracey - KIA 10 Aug 1915 in Balkans












7989 Private Michael BOYLAN. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Son of Philip and Kate Boylan, of 6, Hutton's Place, Summerhill, Dublin. 1st Battalion. Died of wounds 6th July 1916. Age 22. Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1

7990 Private J Byrne "died"

7990 Private Patrick McCabe POW

7990 Private Patrick McMahon

7991 Private Joseph McCann POW

7992 No MIC

7993 Private John Brown, discharged

7994 Private James Carroll transferred

7995 Private Thomas Ward

7996 Private Thomas Byrne Medal Card

7997 Private Edward Smullen dow 6 6 1915

7997 Private Robert Young - discharged

7998 Private John Fearon - discharged

7999 Private James Brennon - POW