10004 L/Cpl James Long, Medal card gives entered France 28 Aug 1914. POW. Debrief in WO161

10040 Private C Kavanagh 2nd Battalion. Limburg in WO161. "G" Coy. died age 31 on 09/05/1915 Son of Michael and Annie Kavanagh, late of Summerhill Bridge, Dublin. POW

10010 Private Patrick DILLON 1st Battalion Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin. Son of Richard and Agnes Teresa Dillon, of 9, Stafford St., Dublin. Killed in action 30th April 1915. Age 24. V Beach Cemetery Gallipoli

10012 COPPARD, Richard W, Colour-Sergeant, 2nd Battalion. Entitled to the 1914 Star, British War and Victory Medals for WWI service. Entered France 23rd August, 1914. According to his British War and Victory Medal roll . He served with 2nd Battalion throughout the war.

10062 Shakespeare, Sergeant Edward John : 2nd Battalion. Enlisted: Fermoy Date of Death: 27/08/1914. LA FERTE-SOUS-JOUARRE MEMORIAL

10074 Private John BRANNIGAN. 1st Battalion Born Skerries, Co. Dublin. Resided Lusk, Co. Dublin. Enlisted Dublin.. Killed in action 30th April 1915 Gallipoli

10085 Private George Humphreys ran away as a 14/15 year old to join the fusiliers at the turn of the 20th century.(1902 or 1903) and was posted to india.nothing is known of his time in india,but his medal card from ww1 shows he first saw action on 25 april 1915,the first day of the gallipoli campaign.after remarkably surviving this he was sent to the western front.he was pensioned out in 1916 due to wounds and returned to dublin where he raised his family with wife,katie.very little detail is known as he never spoke of his involvement in ww1.

10106 Lance Corporal J MURRAY 2nd Battalion died 25/09/1914 at Limburg POW Camp. Son of Mr. W. Murray, of 1, Hanover Parade, Hanover St., Dublin

10111 Private James COOPER 1st Battalion Enlisted Dublin Born Dublin. Killed in action 9th May 1915.Gallipoli

10113 Private Thomas CULLEN 6th Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal. Killed in action 4th October 1916. Balkans

10130 Private Albert BARRY Born Dublin Enlisted Dublin 1st Battalion Killed in action 30th April 1915 Gallipoli

10136 Private Michael BUTLER. Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. 1st Battalion. Killed in action 25th April 1915. Gallipoli

10137 Private Anthony DEVITT 1st Battalion Enlisted Dublin Resided Dalkey. Born Dalkey, Co. Dublin. Son of Peter Devitt, of 27, Convent Rd., Dalkey, Co. Dublin. Age 28. Killed in action 29th June 1915. Helles Memorial Gallipoli

10165 Private John BARRETT Born Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin Resided Dun Laoghaire Enlisted Dublin 1st Battalion Died of wounds 6th August 1915 Gallipoli

10171 Lance Corporal Stephen CAMPBELL 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 29th March 1918

10184 Private Christopher DARCY. 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dun Laoghaire. Born Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Son of Patrick and Annie Darcy, of 8, Convent Rd., Kingstown, Co. Dublin. Died 3rd September 1914. Age 23. Bethencourt Communal Cemetery

10185 Tidiman, William Private enlisted to the 1st Battalion in Worley London Died 25/4/15 1st day landers on V beach Gallipoli

10186 Rawlinson, Philip Bandsman enlisted to the 1st Battalion in Worley London Died 26/4/15 1st day landers on V beach Gallipoli

10187 emon, J Private enlisted to the 1st Battalion in Worley London Died 25/4/15 1st day landers on V beach Gallipoli

10188 Stevens, William Lance Corporal 1st Battalion enlisted in Worley London. Died 30/4/15 1st day landers on V beachGallipoli

10196 Private Joseph BYRNE. 2nd Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 24th February 1915

10216 Private James Worley 10th Battalion. Born Walworth, Surrey. Residence Carlow. Enlisted Tullow, Carlow. Died of wounds 29 May 1917

10217 Private Michawl O'Hara 2nd Battalion. On Saturday afternoon a large and sympathetic gathering of the neighbouring public attended at Harristown station on the arrival of the 3.10 p.m. train to meet the remains of Michael O'Hara (Private in the R.D.F.) who died at Netly Hospital from wounds received a few days previously. O'Hara had been in the thick of the fighting since the very commencement, and is one of three brothers all in the army fighting for King and Country. The War Office - at the request of his relatives - had the remains sent home and laid in their last resting place beside the peaceful little village of Ballymore - Eustace far from the din of battle. As the sad cortege reached the outskirts of the village the solemn pealing of the chapel bell announced its arrival, and the villagers flocked to pay a last mark of respect. The Rev. Father O'Brien, C.C., conducted the burial service. On Sunday morning one of the worshippers at the church very thoughtfully placed a beautiful wreath on the grave.

10227 Private William Morris KIA 30 Apr 1915

10256 Sergeant Christopher COONEY. 1st Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action 5th July 1915. Gallipoli. Awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal.

10258 Private S JACKSON 2nd Battalion.Died 08/02/1918 at Limburg POW Camp

10262. Edward Lawlor. 1st Battalion, A Company,, killed in Gallipoli 25/4/1915, age 25. Buried in V Beach Cemetery Helles.His parents names where John and Ellen Lawlor they lived in 7, Chapter Place, Kevin St in Dublin but later moved to Sun Drive in Crumlin

10263 Sgt Thomas Byrne Medal Card

10271 Private John DELANEY, 9th Battalion. b. Athy, Co. Kildare, e. Athy, Killed in action, France & Flanders, 09/09/16,


10279 Private Patrick Meaney POW on Medal card

10284 Acting Corporal John COLLINS. 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Resided Dublin. Enlisted Naas. Son of John and Frances Collins, of Dublin. Killed in action 27th April 1918. Age 26. Morbecque British Cemetery

10286 Corporal John BYRNE. 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 26th April 1915. Gallipoli

10310 Sgt J O'Leary 1st Battalion DCM and Croix de Guerre (Belg.). Joined 25/11/08. Discharged 16/6/19. Gave a home address of 27 Queens Terrace, Dublin.

10317 Corporal Jo Doyle. 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Block 3 Battalion 2 Arys Ust Prusse Germany 11th November 1917

10343 Private John Griffin . Medal card shows POW

10365 Culbert, Serjt. (actg. Qrmr.-Serjt.) W. Mentioned in Dispatches 25 May 1917

10408 Corporal C S: WHALLEY C S. 3rd Battalion died 29/05/1916 Cemetery: SHIPLEY (NAB WOOD) CEMETERY Yorkshire. He entered France on the 12/09/1914 presumably with the 2nd Battalion and was awarded a 1914 star and appears to have been discharged on the 16/12/1915. He wasn't involved in the rebellion.

10422 Sergeant Joseph DOWLING 1st Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Killed in action 25th April 1915. Gallipoli

10505 Sgt Joseph MATTHEWS 2nd Battalion prisoner of War. was captured August 10th, 1914 in Germany. He was later interned and was married at Murren

10507 Private Joseph BAILEY Born Dublin Son of Thomas and Mary Bailey, of 19, Coleraine St., Dublin. Enlisted Dublin 1st Battalion Killed in action 25th April 1915 Gallipoli Helles Memorial - Turkey. Age 23

10508 Private James O'Sullivan Medal Card gives POW

10510 - Sgt. John Robert Leek, 12 Patrick St. Grimsby

10541 Private A Baker 1st Battalion Son of Sarah Ann Baker, of 5 Pipers Row,Wolverhampton and the late Edwin Baker. Died - 07 June, 1915. Aged - 25. Memorial - Port Said War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt. B24

10577 Private A J Lock, 1st Battalion London Gazette 17 June 1919, I think for MM

10559 Sgt. Harry Keeling, 2nd Battalion his brother, 11365 private Frank Keeling. Both were taken prisoner in August 1914 and Frank was captured at Ligny on 27th August.Harry may well have been captured in the same action along with a large number of others. Official records indicate that these mostly comprised men of 'A' and 'D' companies. I

10577 Private A J Lock, 1st Battalion Awarded MM in 1919. From Islington

10621 Sergeant Jack WILSON, 9th Battalion. b. Newbury, Berks, e. Portsmouth, r. Newbury, Killed in action, France & Flanders, 09/09/16

10636 C.S.M. William James Whitton 10th Battalion. Born Kenton, Devon. Residence Devonport. Reported wounded, May 19, 1917. Died 1 Nov 1918

10641 Private Thomas Jennings,, 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers who was MID in the London Gazette on 5/5/16 and subsequently awarded the D.C.M for gallantry (LG 16/5/16). Citation reads: For conspicuous gallantry in going forward and cutting wire which was holding up the advance. A short but to the point citation, but from the LG dates and with little more information it is proving difficult pinning down the date of the action. Jennings was later killed during the opening day of the Third Battle of Krithia 4th June 1915 so it is possible this was a posthumous award. The RDF were in action late that day when they tried to attack along Gully Ravine, but made little progress, faltering under the Turkish fire and defences. These same defences and wire entanglements halted the Sikh attack earlier that day.

10660 Private Patrick CULLEN 1st Battalion Enlisted Naas Resided Dublin. Born Drumcondra, Dublin. Son of Murtagh Cullen, of 1, Millbourne Cottages, Millbourne Avenue, Drumcondra, Co. Dublin. Killed in action 29th June 1915. Age 27. Helles Memorial Gallipoli

10662 Private James Keogh POW on Medal Card

10694 Private Michael CARTY 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Naas. Died of wounds 30th June 1915.Gallipoli

10720 Private Patrick Flanagan 10th Battalion. Born Celbridge, Kildare. Died of wounds 30 Nov 1917.

10728 Private John CARROLL 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Son of Thomas and Bridget Carroll, of 13, Kennedy's Villas, James's St., Dublin. Killed in action 9th May 1915. Gallipoli. Age 22. Helles Memorial

10774 Sergeant Stephen (JJ) Byrne was gazetted 22 Jan 1916... " acting serjeant S. Byrne, 1st Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers. For conspicuous gallantry on the night of 2nd-3rd October, 1915, on the Gallipoli peninsula. When a serjeant and one man of a covering party near "dublin castle" had been wounded, volunteers were called for to rescue them. They were lying between some Turkish snipers and some huts. Acting Serjeant Byrne and two men at once volunteered and brought the wounded men into safety under heavy fire." He received a DCM for the above but would love to know any details or any info on DCMs and about Stephen Byrne, also known as JJ byrne on some army records. His first theatre of war was the Balkans on 9/8/15. Does anyone know what EF/5/10180 on records mean? Oh he survived the war by the way and seemingly spent most of his life in England where he died sometime in 1950s I

10761 Private Patrick CALLAGHAN. 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Son of John and Elizabeth Callaghan, of 895, Corporation Buildings, Dublin. Killed in action 25th April 1915. Gallipoli. Age 25. V Beach Cemetery - Turkey.

10774 A/Sgt S Byrne 1st Battalion gets DCM in 22 Jan 1916

10785 Private John Davies 10th Battalion. Born Middlesbrough. Residence Pontefract. Enlisted Barnsley. Died 8 May 1918

10796 Lance Sergean, William ELLOWAY,1st Battalion died 7th August 1915, aged 24 years. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Elloway, of 18 Hurley Road, Lower Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London

10810 Corporal Patrick COLLINS 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Killed in action 30th April 1915. Gallipoli

10843 Bandsman Hylliard Randolph Double, 1st Battalion - died in 10th August 1915 at ALEXANDRIA (CHATBY) MILITARY AND WAR MEMORIAL CEMETERY.

10849 Private Peter Paul CONDON. 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Resided Dublin. Enlisted Liverpool. Killed in action 2nd May 1915. Gallipoli

10872 Sergeant William CONNOLLY 1st Battalion Born Dublin. Enlisted Dublin. Died of wounds 3rd September 1918

10876 Private Edward BROWN. 9th Battalion Born Dublin. Son of Alexander and Mary Josephine Brown, of 44, St. Alban's Rd., Dublin. Enlisted Dublin.. Killed in action. 9th September 1916. Age 24. Serre Road Cemetery No. 2 - Somme

10901 Private Patrick BOOTH 1st Battalion Born Dublin Resided Dublin Enlisted Naas . Died of wounds 28th April 1915 Gallipoli

10912, Private William SAUNDERS 1st Battalion son of the late Richard Saunders; b. Dublin; educ. .St. John's School tlu'ie . Enlisted 5 Am:. 1910 ; joined the 2nd Battn. at Aldershot, and was drafted to the l«t Battn. in India : returned to England with his regt.. arriving 23 Dec. 1914 ; went to the Dardanelles 14 May following ; and was killed in action on V Beach there. Died 26/04/1915 Gallipoli

10938 Private Leo DELANEY 2nd Battalion Enlisted Dublin. Born Dublin. Formerly 6873, Lincolnshire Regiment. Killed in action 24th May 1915

10957 Lance Corporal Christopher BAKER 9th Battalion Resided Dublin Enlisted Naas Killed in action 16th August 1917

10982 Lance Corporal Philip BANNON 1st Battalion Born Clontarf, Dublin Son of Thomas Bannon, of 9, Parnell St., Dublin Enlisted Dublin Killed in action 7th August 1915 Gallipoli Age 22 Helles Memorial - Turkey.

10993 Private Joseph Jennings 10th Battalion. Born Dublin. Resided Dublin. Died 16 Aug 1917.