Dublin Fusiliers who Forfeited their Medals

Article 1236 is defined in the following terms:
Pay Warrant 1914 "Forfeiture and Restoration of Medals, Annuities and Gratuities" originally stated in the opening sub-paras;- Para 1236. Every soldier who;-
(a)is found guilty by a court martial of desertion, fraudulent enlistment, or any other offence under Section 17 or 18 of the Army Act.
(b)is liable to trial on confession of desertion, or fraudulent enlistment, but whose trial has been dispensed with.
shall forfeit all medals and decorations(other then the Victoria Cross, which is dealt with under special regulations) of which he may be in possession, or to which he may be entitled, together with the annuity or gratuity, if any thereto appertaining. Sub-paras c and d were also reason for forfeiture, but do not cover desertion.

The majority of cases of forfeiture for desertion appear to say "desertion" on the Medal Index Card. However there remain a number of other cards with just "forfeited" and these I have included here

Over 2000 men were charged with mutiny between 1914 and 1922. There is at last 1 Royal Dublin Fusiliers man among the mutineers, 25206 Private John Kenny, "mutiny, 5 years prison, later reduced to 6 months, 13 Apr 1918"

Royal Dublin Fusilier Court Martial Offences