Service Numbers 25000s - Forfeited Medals from Royal Dublin Fusiliers

A reading of MIC cards from 25,000 to 25,999 yields the following information

Doyle forfeited 25233 Private William Doyle, medals forfeited
doyle reverse mic
Doyle rdf 25081 Private John Doyle, medals forfeited
duggan 25972 RQMS Michael Francis Duggan, MIC gives "ineligable for the award of any medals"
duggan 4
hayden forfeited medals 25831 Private Charles Hayden, medals forfeited
hayden reverse mic
kenny mutiny rdf 25206 Private John Kenny, "mutiny, 5 years prison, later reduced to 6 months, 13 Apr 1918"
Matthews forfeit 25827 Private George Joseph Matthews, disciplined for "misconduct" but medals later restored
O'Flaherty medals forfeited 25151 Private Thomas O'Flaherty, forfeited medals


Royal Dublin Fusiliers all forfeiters