8th (Service) Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

1914 Sept Formed as part of K2 and attached to 48th Brigade in 16th (Irish) Division.

1915 Moved to Buttevant, then in June 1915 to Ballyhooley.

1915 Sept. Moved to Blackdown, England

1915 Dec : landed at Le Havre.

1917 Oct 24: amalgamated with 9th Bn to form 8/9th Bn. Surplus troops went to 10th Bn.

1918 Feb 10: disbanded in France, troops going to 1st and 2nd Bns.

The 8th battalion was in brigade support in Hulluch sub-section. C Coy in carrying parties to work with 253rd Coy. R.E. at mining shafts at Hay Alley, near firing line. the party under Lt. Lind was at work when the enemy blew a camoflet and the party was overcome by gas. 17 were killed and 11 gassed, a number of the casualties were a draft which had joined on the 28/03/1916.

1916 Sep 5. From the Brigade’s Summary of Operations 8th Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers should have mounted patrols late on 5th September, 1916 to locate German positions, but, as they were brought up to the trenches, their guides got them lost! The need to locate the trenches was considered vital, so the “Dubs” went out at 03.30 hours on the 6th. The morning was described as misty, and the “Dubs” were experiencing difficulties, so the 7th Battalion R I Rifles, which was based in the northern ‘half’ of Guillemont, were quickly required to mount three strong patrols which went out at 05.00 hours. During the period that the patrols were out in the mist heavy firing from machine guns was reported!



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