May 1917 - 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers

The month opened with the Battalion in a dugout camp at Ecurie, where they spent 10 days training and supplying working parties. They then moved on to hutments at Ecoivres where they spent anther 10 days involved in just training.

After that they returned to the line for te remainder of the month on the Oppy-Gavrelle Sector south of the Bailleol - Arras Road. Here they suffered the normal difficulties of snipers, shelling and sending out patrols.They reported 16 killed and 23 wounded in the month. Interestingly the diaries now report men evacuated "sick", which means suffering from shell shock, and 60 were taken back to England for this reason alone in May 1917

May 1917 War Diary

10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers History by month