April 1917 - 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers

The Battalion continued training at La Perriere until 8 April, when they marched out of billiets and proceeded with overnight stops at

From Arras there was a march via St Catherines to the trenches in the Balleul Gavrelle Sector.

There is a rather odd account of an attack on the village of Gavrelle without any artillery preparation. Owing to the very heavy Bosche artillery and machine gun fire, the attempt was unsucessful. And say that casualties were estimated at about 5 Officers and 80 ORS. Normally there is a detail of an attack and the names of officer casualties

They spend the rest of the month in the support trenches supplying work and carrying parties. And on the 30 April withdraw from the line to billets in Ecurie

April 1917 War Diary

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