February 1917 - 10th Royal Dublin Fusiliers

The Battallion pulled out of the front line at Beaumont on the 1st February, and had 4 days rest before returning to the line from the 6th February to 14th February.

They incur around 22 ORs killed, 56 ORs wounded, plus 2 officers killed and 1 officers wounded in their 9 days in the trenches. There is no attack, just the attrition of life on the front line from snipers and shelling

They then withdraw to Englebelmer from 14 to 21 February, when then again go into the line at Beaucourt. On the 24 February it became apparent that the Germans had withdrawn from Miraumont, and the Battalion was ordered to advance, against the rearguard of the German withdrawl.. They suffered 4 killed and 17 wounded in the 2days of skirmishing rounde Miraumont.

On 26th February they were relieved and marched to Theipval Wood, where they spent the last few days of the month resting

February 1917 War Diary

10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers History by month