November 1916, 10th Battalion RDF

Nov movements Dublin Fusiliers 10th bn

The first few days of November continue in the billets in Englebelmer. Then on 3rd Nov they relieve 4th Beds in the trenches at Hamel sector (left sub section). Thhey spend 4 days at the front before being relieved by 1 RMLI

Casualties are by WW1 standards light, with 3 OR killed, 9 OR wounded, 1 OR self inflicted wound. Most of the the War Diary observations are on artillery occurenes and the odd observation balloon and aircraft seen, It would seem that the British Command were keeping a low profile in this lead up to the Big Push

The battalion spend just 5 days out of the line, billeting at Varennes and Puchevillers. On 10th November 1916 the Battalion was inspected by Major Gen C D Shute CB, the divisional commander of 63 division, who informed 190 Brigade that that the big "Push" was almost certain to take place very shortly. They then spent the following night at Hedauville, before marching out of Hedauville on the 12th Novemebr and proceeded through Englebelmer to their assembly places which were in the open behind Roberts Trench, where they spent the night. Heavy bombardment by British artillery continued all day. Casualty 1 OR with self inflicted wound.

At 5.45 the following morning, 13 November, the battalion took part in the attack at the Ancre. There is a detailed record of their part in the battle here.

3 days later they cleared the trenches and headed back to Englebelmer. They were bussed to Authieule, and marched to Outrebois for 4 nights - their stay included and inspection and speech of appreciation by Major General Shute. Of the 493 officers and men starting out on the Ancre attack, 242 were recorded as killed, wounded or missing. An attrition rate of 49%

After this brief rest they went on via Le Meillard, Beaumetz, Agenville, Conteville, Neuilly L'Hopital, Nouvion-en-Ponthieu, finally arriving at Noyelles-sur-Mer on 26th November.

This then was their new home for some time. Here they would re-group and re-train with new drafts that had been sent to replace the killed and injured in battle. The War Diary records just training and route marches as taking place.

The War Diary for November reports 6 officers killed in the Ancre Battle and 7 wounded, plus 35 Other Ranks killed 135 wounded plus missing 57.

An analysis of "Soldiers died in the Great War" data base show for 13 Nov and 6 officers and 75 men. There were 13 more deaths plus 1 officer reported wounded the day before, who died of wounds suffered at the Battle of the Ancre. So from that source it would appear the the Battalion suffered 88 men and 7 officers killed and 142 wounded or POW out of the 24 Officers and 469 ORs that took part in the attack.



Nov 1916 War Diary

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