September 1916, 10th Battalion RDF

Training continued for the 10th Dubliners from their blllets at Maisnil-les-Ruitzon. At the beginning of September they get to know the trenches

Each company spent 4 or 5 days in the trenches in this way. Each was relieved, then returned to the trenches for another stint a few days later. D company sustained 2 dead and 10 wounded from shelling.

Sep 1916 movements for 10 RDF

All companies return to billets at Maisnil-les-Ruitzon 12th September and have a weeks battalion training, before marching out of billets on 20th Sept

In very bad weather the battalion marches via Dieval to Ostreville reaching Ostreville on 22 Sept. Here the Battalion performs Battalion training in the Monchy-Breton Area in very good weather. The training culminates at the end of the month in a Divisional Field Day and a Battalion Route March


Sept 1916 War Diary

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