March 1916

The were at Royal Barracks gathering recruits and starting to train the men. For example, Lt C W Grant wrote

I was attached to B Company under Captain Palmer and given charge of a platoon. I found my training with the yeomanry and OTC helpful in adapting myself to the life of a company officer. I was sent on various courses: bombing course at Elm Park Merrion, musketry course at the Bull Clontarf, company Commanders course at Richmond Barracks, gas course at Elm Park. I questioned the reasons why I was being sent on so many courses and the adjutant told me that I was the officer who could get distinctions on the courses and the Co made it a boast concerning these distinctions with other battalions. The CO was Col Esmonde, he was no soldier, a political nationalist puppet and he held a low opinion of anyone who did not think like him in politics and religion.  I was appointed Battalion Bombing Officer, and the instructing of officers and men on this subject fell to me. In addition, for some time I acted as Garrison Bombing Officer

The Battalion was split into 4 companies, A, B, C, and D.


10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers History by month