4th Batallion Bedfordshire Regiment - November 1916 War Diary

Battle of Ancre Map


2/11/16: Knightsbridge Captain B.C.R.Loder (Adjutant) evacuated to C[asualty] C[learing] S[tation] - Lieut.W.A.Turnbull takes over duties of A/Adjutant

3/11/16: Knightsbridge 11 am - Bn was relieved in front line trenches Q.17.d by 10/R[oyal] D[ublin] Fusiliers and proceeded to ENGLEBELMER

7/11/16: Englebelmer 7.30 am - Bn left ENGLEBELMER and proceeded to HEDEAUVILLE by route march arriving at 12 noon and after dinner proceeded to Hutments at PUCHVILLERS arriving about 5 pm

9/11/16: Puchvillers Bn was inspected by Brigade Commander (Brig.Gen.W.C.G.Heneker DSO ADC)

10/11/16: Puchevillers Bn was inspected by Divisional Commander (Maj.Gen.C.D.Shute CB)

11/11/16: Puchvillers 1.30 pm - Bn left PUCHVILLERS and proceeded to VARENNES

12/11/16: Varennes 2.30 pm - Bn marched to assembly trenches off BEDFORD ST and VICTORIA ST to take up position as right centre Bn of the Division preparatory to attacking between BEAUMONT HAMEL and RIGHT bank of R.ANCRE. 7/R.Fusiliers on our right, 10/RDF on left

13/11/16: Beaucourt Sector 6.45 pm - Bn attacked at 6.45 am Operations on the North Bank of the ANCRE - Nov 13th 1916 The Battalion advanced with the remainder of the Brigade at 6.45 am and sustained heavy casualties among Officers and NCOs in and near the enemy front line from a strongpoint established between enemy front line and second line which had been passed over by the leading Brigades. Battalion advanced to enemy second line and from there parties pushed forward to Station Road and beyond.


Officers Killed:

Captain F.G.C.Ashmead-Bartlett

Lieut.B[artlett] L[aurie] S[tuart] Frere

Lieut.R[ichard] H[arvey].Boys

Lieut.W[illiam] A[rthur]Turnbull

2nd Lieut.J[ohn] Brodie

2nd Lieut.H[arold] B[aldwin] Hudson

2nd Lieut.S[ydney] H[erbert] Agate

2nd Lieut.T[homas] H[ooton] Hill Died of Wounds

2nd Lieut.L[eslie].S[tuart].Wilkinson Wounded [DOW 21st]

2nd Lieut.A.R.Fraser

2nd Lieut.L.Brooks

2nd Lieut.W.T.Bridges

2nd Lieut.R.J.Thomas

Lieut.G.Arthur RAMC

Other Ranks Killed: 48, Died of Wounds – 9, Wounded – 108, Missing - 16

In the evening all available men were withdrawn and taken down to HAMEL, refitted and moved into position in Station Road, close to BEAUCOURT Road

14/11/16: Beaucourt Sector Bn acted as carrying parties for taking bombs, sand bags etc. up to BEAUCOURT 4 pm - Bn withdrew to our original second line (ROBERTS TRENCH) and reorganized there

15/11/16: Roberts Trench Bn remained in ROBERTS TRENCH

16/11/16: Bn moved to bivouacs & huts on ENGLEBELMER-MARTINSART road

17/11/16: Bn assisted to clear the battlefield and bury the killed. Lieut.L.T.Despicht takes over duties of A/Adjutant Lieut.A.J.Clarke assumes command of A Company Lieut.G.F.Wray assumes command ob B Company Lieut.E.C.Wilson assumes command of D Company

18/11/16: Martinsart 8 am - Bn proceeded in motor omnibuses to LONGUEVILLETTE

19/11/16: Longuevillette 9.30 am - Bn proceeded to HEUZECOURT by route march

20/11/16: Heuzecourt Bn inspected by Divisional Commander (Maj.Gen.C.D.Shute CB)

21/11/16: Heuzecourt 9 am - Bn proceeded to DOMLEGER by route march 22/11/16: Domleger 11 am - Bn proceeded to NOYELLES-en-CHAUSSEE by route march

23/11/16: Noyelles-en-Chaussee 9 am - Bn proceeded to Lamotte-Buleux by route march

24/11/16: Lamotte-Buleux Bn proceeded to NOUVION-EN-PONTHIEU [J.S.Collings-Wells, Major, Commanding]

Royal Dublin Fusiliers at the Battle of the Ancre