June 1917 War Diary - 10th RDF

1 Jun Oppy-Gavrelle Sector The battalion return to camp taking over from the Drake Battalion RND, at G9 e 7.5 (sheet 51b)

2 Jun St Catherine The Battalion spent the day in cleaning up.

3 Jun St Catherine Day spent in rest after Church Parades. Working party supplied.

4 Jun St Catherine Battalion resumed training. Working party supplied. An enemy aeroplane dropped bombs in the vicinity of the camp. The troops were turned out at 11.30pm and took shelter in the trenches on the Parade Ground during the raid.

5 Jun St Catherine Battalion training continued. Working party supplied. Afternoon parade was cancelled to enable the men to attend the Brigade Horse? Show. Reveille being sounded at 5am.

6 Jun St Catherine Battalion trained till 11.30am. In the afternoon Companies were march to St Nicholas baths for bathing.

7 Jun St Catherine battalion trained in the forenoon, starting work on the line earlier i.e. at 7am as on the previous 2 days. Owing to the excessive heat, afternoon parades were abandoned. Working parties were supplied.

8 Jun St Catherine Battalion paraded as usual, working parties supplied.

9 Jun St Catherine Battalion paraded for bathing by companies. During the absence at the baths of one company, the remainder carried on training. Working party supplied.

10 Jun St Catherine Rifle examination and equipment was inspected at 7.15am. After Church Parades the day was spent in rest and preparing to move. At 5pm the battalion set out to occupy the camp in the trenches at G6 c 9.3 taking over from the Howe Battalion RND, The camp consisted of bivouacs and shelters. Heavy rain during the night of 10/11 Jun

11 Jun Camp G6 c 9.3 The day was spent salvaging the material of war scattered over the area. Major (A/Lt Col) E F E Seymour assumed temporary command of 190 Infantry Brigade vice Capt (A/Lt Col) J O Collings-Well (4th Bedfordshire Regt) attending 1st Army conference as from 10 May

12 Jun Camp G6 c 9.3 The battalion continued training

13 Jun Camp G6 c 9.3 The battalion continued training

14 Jun Camp A28 a 5.7 The Battalion moved to this camp, taking over from Hood Battalion RND

15 Jun Camp A28 a 5.7 Battalion training continued. At 5pm the officers and NCOs attended a lecture on Musketry delivered by Lt/Col C F Aspinall CMG, DSO

16 Jun Camp A28 a 5.7 After training in the morning the Battalion left this camp, marching to St Aubin where they took over the billets from the Howe Battalion of the RND

17 Jun St Aubin Sunday. After Battalion Church Parade the day was devoted to rest. The Battalion Tog-of-War team attended the Divisional Sports. and won their event, defeating the teams of the 14 Worcestershire and 2nd RMLI. Lt/Col E F E Seymour returned to the Battalion this day.

18 Jun St Aubin The Battalion left St Aubin for the camp at A34 a6.4 taking over from the 2nd Battalion Oxford & Buckingham Light Infantry. A working party was supplied the same night. The task being to complete the communication trench known as Tommy Alley, with the help of 1sr HAC. The 10th RDF worked on the position of this trench extending from B16 b4.5 to B11 c9.8 (approximately) on Sheet 51B NW.

19 Jun Camp A34 a6.4 Working party supplied for work in Tommy Alley. Lt Col E F E Seymour having been placed in charge of the two battalions engaged in this work received a secret letter from Divisional HQ asking him to see that the men did their utmost to finish the trench as the success of an operation shortly to be carried out by the 5th Division depended vary largely on the completion of Tommy Alley

20 Jun Camp A34 a6.4 After resting during the day the battalion moved up into the Red Lines. It rained heavily. The men had few shelters and most of them sat on the fire steps. The enemy was shelling the area, but we suffered no casualties. A working party was supplied the same night and despite the inclement weather, did very well. Secret message was received this day from HQ of 63rd Division ordering the battalion to be ready to move on or after the 22nd instant to 16 Division, 2nd Army. The work on Tommy Alley should ease after tonight.

21 Jun Camp A34 a6.4 During the day time the enemy shelled the area. At night a working party set out. In the enemy brought a machine gun to bear on the party and one man was wounded It was not raining, but the ground was heavy and difficult to work. The working party however completed its task.

22 Jun Red Lines At 2am on the morning of 22/6/1917 the working party returned and orders to that effect having been received, the Battalion marched back to the camp at A34 a6.4. There they rested till mid-day when everything was packed and the camp cleared up. At 4.15pm the Battalion marched off for Maroevil. The Band of the 4th Bedfordshire Regt played the battalion into Anzin and here the Band of the 7th Royal Fusiliers was in waiting to accompany the Battalion into Maroevil Here the Battalion entrained. Divisional and Brigade Staff were present to bid the Regiment goodbye. At 8.30pm the train left Maroevil, the Royal Fusilier Band playing "Auld Lang Syne". The following officers joined the regiment today, and were taken on strength

23 Jun Nooropeene 4am the Battalion arrived at Bavinchove Station. The Battalion marched to the village of Nooropeene where billets had been allocated to them. The Battalion now belongs to the 16th Division and is attached for all purposes to the 48th Infantry Brigade. The following officers joined the battalion today and were taken on strength.

24 Jun Nooropeene Officers from Divisional and Brigade staff visited the Battalion this day. Battalion attended Church Parade.

25 Jun Nooropeene Reorganisation of companies was carried out today. Thereafter the Commanding Officer inspected the Battalion.

26 Jun Nooropeene The battalion continued light training

27 Jun Nooropeene The battalion was inspected by Brig Gen F W Ramsey CMG, DSO. He expressed himself certainly pleased by the turnout. He found the appearance of the men particularly clean he said addressing the battalion. He was critical and was very seldom able to say that he was quite satisfied, but he was able on this occasion. He welcomed the Battalion, saying he was proud to have it in his Brigade, which would now be a Dublin Fusilier Brigade. He had heard of the brilliant record and the hard work the Battalion had had of late and in view of this it had been decided to give us a few weeks real rest before joining the Brigade. When the Brigade did go into action, he was certain that the 10th Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers would win fresh laurels for their arms and honour for the Brigade.

28 Jun Nooropeene The Battalion continued training

29 Jun Nooropeene The Battalion continued training. The Commanding Officer inspected billets.

30 Jun Nooropeene The Battalion continued training. The companies went out individually on route marches.

Attached return of casualties for month of Jun 1917


10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers History by Month

48th Brigade.

1st Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 19 Oct 1917 - 26 Apr 1918. To the 29th Division.
2nd Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 15 Nov 1916 - 01 Jun 1918. Reduced to Cadre on 19 Apr 1918. Surplus personnel to the 1st Bn. Cadre to the 31st Division.
8th Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Sep 1914 - 24 Oct 1917. Amalgamated with the 9th Bn to form the 8/9th Bn.
8/9th Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 24 Oct 1917 - 10 Feb 1918. Disbanded, personnel to the 1st and 2nd Bns.
9th Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Sep 1914 - 24 Oct 1917. Amalgamated with the 8th Bn to form the 8/9th Bn.
10th Bn Royal Dublin Fusiliers. 23 Jun 1917 - 24 Oct 1917. To the Army Troops.