October 1916 War Diary - 10th RDF

1 Oct Ostreville 9am Church parade and rest for battalion. Weather good

2 Oct Ostreville 8.30am Training under company arrangements.

3 Oct Ostreville. Day spent in preparing to move, packing up, and cleaning billets. Transport leaves for La Coutoube, en route for Acheux.

3 Oct Ligny-St-Flochel. 9.30pm. Battalion parades and marches to Ligny-St-Flochel where it entrains

4 Oct Ligny-St-Flochel 1.15am Battalion leaves in train, arriving at Acheux railhead at 1.30pm.

4 Oct Lealvillers 2.30pm. Battalion marches to and billets in Lealvillers. Weather bad.

5 & 6 Oct Lealvillers.Days spent in resting and cleaning billets. Men paid. Weather very bad.

7 Oct. Lealvillers. 9.15am. Battalion marching via Varennes to Hedauville Billeting in hutments, weather very bad.

8 Oct. Hedauville 9.15am. Battalion parades and proceeds to Mailly Maillet Wood East and take hutments and tents. Weather still very bad.

9 Oct Mailly Maillet Training of specialists continued. Fatigue parties supplied.

10 Oct Mailly Maillet 9am. CO, A2s, etc visit our area of trenches. Training continued and fatigue supplied. Battalion got baths, weather good.

Oct movement map for 10/RDF

11 Oct White City 9.30am Battalion marches out of billets to relieve 4th Bedfords on the front. K34D8Y to Q4B56. Relief completed 10.30am.

11 Oct White City 10.30am C& D Coys hold the front line. B Coy local reserve, A Coy in support. HQ "White City". Companies worked on repairing trenches, particularly Egg, Buster, Freddie Southern. Enemy Artillery normal

11 Oct White City Parties for patrol and strong point in Redan Crater left at 10.15pm, returning by midnight. Patrol returned with nothing to report (1 LG with team and 12 bombers). casualties 3 killed, 2 wounded. Weather dry and cold.

12 Oct. White City Artillery on both sides were quiet all morning. Enemy fired about 12 Whiz Bangs on HQRS and some 5.9 shells on Chatham Street.

12 Oct. White City 2.05. Demonstration by 1/HAC and 10/RDF with the Brigade on our left against the enemy opposite with a view to testing enemy barrage, cutting wire etc, artillery barrage enemy front line and supports, infantry throw smoke bombs and expose bayonets. MG and LG sweep enemy parapets. Whole operation lasts 15 minutes. Results considered most successful, especially smoke bombs.

12 Oct. White City 2.12pm Operation ceased. Enemy replying to our fire did damage to front and reserve lines & support which was repaired during the night.

12 Oct. White City 6.35pm Patrol left head of 1st Avenue returning 11.15pm with nothing unusual from the enemy to report.

12 Oct. White City Casualties 1 wounded. Patrol worked along enemy wire and into sap. A tunnel from Redan to the enemy line suspected.

13 Oct. White City 2 Lt A W Henchy complimented on his patrol report by the Brigadier.

13 Oct. White City 10-11am Enemy dropped "Minnies" on our front line causing damage. Fatigue parties supplied by A & B Coys to carrying TM ammunition. Enemy artillery inactive during the day,

13 Oct. White City 5.30pm Enemy discharged some smoke bombs from their front line trenches.

13 Oct. White City 6.10pm Lt Mount and 4 Other Ranks left the head of 6th Avenue to post LG in Redan Crater.

13 Oct. White City 6.25pm Sgt Liddy returned from the LG party stating that party was bombed by enemy patrol.

13 Oct. White City 6.30pm 2 officers and 6 ORs went out with bombs. The left bombing post was attacked also when it got into position. 1 officer and 2 OR were wounded.

13 Oct. White City 10.30pm 1 officer and 5 OR went out with bombs to search for the missing men of the LG party and with the original right post continued to search without result. Result 1 officer (Lt W J Mount) and 3 ORs reported missing and 1 LG lost. Casualties 2 officers and 9 OR (Lt W J Mount and 2/Lt A W Henchy). Enemy patrol seems to have worked under a pre-arranged plan beginning with smoke bombs. The LG post must have been under observation for some time.

14 Oct. White City. Weather much improved, enemy aircraft active, one of our machines was forced down by enemy aeroplane. Except for shrapnel fired by enemy and a 5 9* fired on White City the day was fairly quiet. Major Ormrod being evacuated as being medically unfit. Fatigues again supplied.

14 Oct. White City 6.15pm 1 officer and 10 OR left K34AB2. to patrol our front and search for traces of the missing LG party.

14 Oct. White City 7.30pm 1 officer and 5 OR left to assist with searching

14 Oct. White City 2.25am Both parties return bringing 3 carriers full of LG magazines also spare parts and helmets. No sign of struggles, but one carrier was hit by a bomb. 2/Lt Jenkins reported definitely on the tunnel to Redan from enemy line.

14 Oct. White City Casualties 1 OR killed, 3 wounded.

15 Oct. White City Enemy artillery during the day unusually quiet. Weather good. Aircraft and balloon active. Chatham, Fox, Buster, Egg and 6th trenches repaired and fatigues for carrying supplied.

15 Oct. White City 6.5pm patrol 3 officers 12 ORs left K34A82

15 Oct. Mailly Maillet 8.5 pm enemy commence bombardment on our left coy with Minnies and on HAC right coy. Called for retaliation which was received at 8.25pm. Enemy bombardment continuing. SOS was sent for by wire, answer being received at 8.40pm. Our front line was much damaged especially where we join the HAC. Enemy sent up our SOS signal in the hope of bringing on heavy retaliation. About 350 HTM fell on the front altogether.

15 Oct. White City 10.5pm Enemy fired some lachrymatory shells on our right

15 Oct. White City 10.15pm All quiet on the front.

15 Oct. White City 6pm patrols went out as usual and stayed out during the bombardment, returned just before dawn

15 Oct. White City Casualties 1 officer 2/Lt C E Jenkins and 14 ORs

16 Oct. White City Weather good. Aircraft active. Day quiet on the whole. All available men put on to repair the front and ? with the intervening communications trenches damaged by the recent bombardment.

16 Oct. White City 5.50pm patrol went out as usual, returning with no unusual report. Casualties 3 OR wounded.

17 Oct. White City 9am relief of battalion commences. 11.30am completed. Battalion marches to Lealvillers billeting there. casualties 1 killed and 4 OR wounded.

18 Oct. Lealvillers 10.30am battalion leaves for Puchevillers arriving 11.15am. Weather bad

19 Oct. Puchevillers Battalion rest in billets

20 Oct. Puchevillers Battalion rest in billets

21 Oct. Puchevillers 1.15pm battalion leaves for Hedauville arriving at 4.30pm, billeting at camp there.

22 Oct. Hedauville Battalion supply 4 officers and 200 ORs for fatigues to Knightsbridge dump.

23 Oct. Hedauville Battalion supply 5 officers and 300 ORs for fatigues to Knightsbridge dump.

23 Oct. Hedauville Casualties suffered by these parties while resting at their work were 1 killed and 8 wounded

23 Oct. Hedauville Brigadier General Hon C J Sackville-West assumes command of the brigade vice Brig Gen Trotman

25 Oct. Hedauville Fatigues supplied as usual

25Oct. Hedauville Fatigues supplied as usual

26 Oct. Hedauville Fatigues supplied. Battalion inspected by Brigadier General Hon C J Sackville-West

27 Oct. Hedauville Fatigues supplied as usual

28 Oct. Mailly Maillet Fatigues supplied as usual

29 Oct. Hedauville Fatigues supplied as usual. Draft arrives, 9 officers

29 Oct. Hedauville News received that Pte Boyd of the LG party missing 13 Nov was a prisoner of war at Limberg, Germany

30 Oct. Hedauville 9am battalion leaves camp for bivouacs near Englebelmer. Fatigues supplied.

31 Oct. Englebelmer 12am Battalion leaves bivouacs for Englebelmer where the battalion billets. Fatigues supplied.

31 Oct. Englebelmer Brig Gen W C G Henneker DSO, ADC assumes command of the Brigade vice Brig Gen Sackville-West, wounded.

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