1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

1st Battalion RDF 1915

The officers of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers (March 1915)/ Major Cecil Thomas Wrigley Grimshaw DSO - sitting 6th from right. This photo was probably taken in Torquay prior to embarkation to Gallipoli in 1915.

The first Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers was created in 1881 and disbanded in 1922. It was stationed as follows

1879 Ceylon, 1885 Alexandria, 1886 Mullingar, 1887 The Curragh, 1890 Newry,
1893 Sheffield, 1895 Gosport, 1897 Aldershot, 1899 The Curragh,
1899-1902 South Africa, 1902 Malta, 1905 Alexandria, 1907 Khartoum, 1908 Cairo, 1909 Ahmednagar (India), 1913 Fort St. George, Madras,
1914 Torquay, Devon, 1915 Nuneaton & Kenilworth, 1915 Gallipoli
1916-1918 Western Front, 1918 Cologne, 1919 Ponteland, Northumberland
1920 Bordon, Hampshire. The battalion was disbanded in 1922.

In August 1914, at the outbreak of WW1 the battalion was in Fort St. George in Madras in India. It returned to UK and landed at Plymouth on 21 December 1914, moving to billets in Torquay and in January 1915 went on to Nuneaton. Came under orders of 86th Brigade in 29th Division. From there it went to war. The battalion had a total of 1,000 men at this stage. 4 companies of 222 men with a further 112 men assigned to the HQ section.

1915 April Gallipoli Battalion left England on March 16th 1915, and landed on the Dardenelles on 25 April 1915.

1916 January, Egypt. Withdrawn from Gallipoli to Egypt

1916 March, France. They sail from Egypt to Marseilles and then on to the Somme

1917 October, France, Transferred to 48th Brigade in 16th (Irish) Division

1918 March, France Kaisers Attack

1918 April, France. Amalgamated with 2nd Battalion.Transferred to 86th Brigade in 29th Division.

1919 Post War

Royal Dublin Fusiliers

1st Bn, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers joined 48 Brigade 19 October 1917, amalgamated with 2nd Bn 14 April 1918. Left 26 April 1918