1st Battalion, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, in Egypt

1 January 1916 : evacuated from Gallipoli to Egypt, arriving 8 January.
13 March 1916 : sailed from Port Said to Marseilles for service in France.



31st July 1917 the 1st Battalion, part of 29th Div. were at rest in Forrest Area Camp 13.

6th August they were moved to White Hope Corner and Boesinghe Pontoon. Battalion HQ was at Saules Farm. They had relieved the 4th Bt. Grenadier Gds. they remained in the line until 1.30am on10th August. They had been shelled but had managed to occupy the East Bank of the Steenbeck. Went to De Witte Cross for rest.

August 16th the 29th Div commenced an attack including the 1st Royal Dublin Fus. The Battalion remained in the line until the 20th when they moved to a camp at Elverdinghe. Beween 16th and 20th august 20 NCOs and Men were killed 58 wounded, doesn't mention officers.

October 4th, despite under orders to transfer to the 16th(Irish) Div. The Regimental history states the Battalion volunteered to take one last attack for the 'honour' of 29 Div. Which they duly did. During this action Sgt. Ockendon won the V.C.

6th October 1917 the Battalion withdrew to Eton Camp. On 15th October the 1st Dublins left 29 Div for the 16th (Irish) Div.


Royal Dublin Fusiliers